Jelly Roll Rug

Jelly Roll Rug Supply List

Jelly Roll Rug Pattern
1 jelly roll (or your favorite 2 1/2” strip set!)
1 Roll of 2 1/2” batting on a roll (50 yd)
Size 12-16 Jeans, Microtex or Topstitch Needles
1 large spool of thread to either blend or contrast with your fabric
Best Press
Rotary cutter, cutting mat & small ruler (trimming ends)
Jelly Roll Tube Maker (optional but recommended)
Walking Foot
Extension Table if you have one
thread boxes or items to support your rug as it gets larger
Sewing machine in good working condition
Basic sewing notions: Scissors, thread, empty bobbins, extra needles, seam ripper, sewing manual, 

$ for lunch or bring your own lunch from home

*Your sewing machine needs to make at least a 5mm wide zig zag. *